Bachelorette party in Copenhagen

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Create unforgettable memories by adding a short and fun introduction to calligraphy to your bachelorette party!

We will come to you or coordinate a space in Copenhagen for you and the Bride Team to learn about calligraphy while enjoying mimosas.

Each participant gets a goody bag with everything they need to start learning this beautiful art.

The goal is for everybody to create a handwritten note which will be sealed in an envelope with a wax stamp.

Many Bride's Teams choose to write well wishes to the newlyweds to open it for their wedding anniversary.

Others choose to write a letter to their crush.

Whatever your team decides, we guarantee that it will look very cool on Instagram <3

Time: 2-3 hours

Participants: 3-20

Price range: 600 - 1600dkk based on place, number of participants, etc.

Customize and book now HERE

calligraphy workshop, ink pen, calligraphy class, hand lettering Copenhagen
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Photo by Matej Trasak wedding photography - wax stamp detail

Photo by Matej Trasak wedding photography - wax stamp detail

When the chef comes to shake your hand

London team of Farfetch, luxury fashion platform featuring Burberry, Chanel, Fendi and hundreds more, contacted me few weeks before they had an event in a newly open restaurant/bar, Apollo.

Apollo is located in the Nyhavn harbour, Copenhagen (love it! It's the one always on the postcards) and the restaurant is quite hip.

Therefore I decided to make a special design/font for this one.

I checked the type of cutlery, pottery, menu design and colours, guest list, and created a more modern one, with rougher edges, less curly than what I specialise in.

My part was handwriting over 40 place cards, vouchers, and envelope addressing.

The whole event looked perfectly. It was a great team effort of Farfetch team, Apollo team, Annika Kruse studio, covered by Getty images, and others.

There were candles, lilies of the valley in cute vases on the table, and oh-wow looking cocktails.

And when one of the chefs came to shake my hand to give me a compliment on my work, I was really touched.

Thank you and hope to see you all again.

Using fountain oblique pen and dark blue ink

Using fountain oblique pen and dark blue ink

Apollo Bar in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Apollo Bar in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Xmas pop-up with Rituals in Magasin

As Christmas was approaching, there were a few nice events. One of them was working at a pop up store for a popular cosmetic brand RITUALS for 2 days.

The pop-up store was right in the middle of Magasin du Nord and right before Christmas. I have to admit I was slightly nervous about the traffic!

The customers could have a custom Christmas card written on spot for their loved one. Many gifts were gifted to moms by daughters, to friends, and some even to colleagues from Secret Santa :)

The mix of clients was quite all over the world - from Brazil, Poland, to Japan.

And together with the RITUALS team, we managed, and everyone looked happy.

Look closely - I am there!

Look closely - I am there!

IMG_1943 2.JPG
A little wish in Polish

A little wish in Polish

Pop up special event calligrapher on spot handwriting Copenhagen

Letter to Jezisek

As some of you know, I am half Czech. A very proud Czech!

Sometimes driving people surrounding me crazy with fun facts as “did you know that ROBOT is a Czech word?” and such.

For Christmas, we do not have Santa Claus like in the US, or Ded Moroz like the Russians. Our gifts are brought by Jezisek, baby Jesus, after we write him a nice, decorated letter, where we thank for what we have and what would make us happy, and place it behind the window (so the parents can keep it and show it to our boyfriends 15 years later :))

This post is a bit different - it does not talk about calligraphy, our events, or marketing.

It is about this wonderful project called Jeziskova vnoucata, baby Jesus' grandkids.

Originally it started only for Christmas to bring joy and gifts to lonely elderly people in the elderly homes - grandpas and grandmas wrote their letters, which were published on the website, and anyone could book those wishes and make them come true.

It became so popular that the public now does it 365 days a year. I chopped onions many times reading those wishes, and how much people go out of their way to make a stranger happy.

Some of the wishes are courageous - like a first parachute jump!

Some are practical - like a new wheelchair.

Some are full of love - drawings from children, or kids coming to sing for everybody.

Some are so humble you want to cry - like new slippers, paper calendar, or a doll to take care of.

Some are so lonely - like asking someone to come to read or talk on a bench outside.

I have been a proud Jeziskovo vnouce, for a long time. Just as some of my family members and friends.

If you like this idea, you can visit their website. Or call your grandparents. Or visit your local elderly home. Or start a project like this in your city.

Karma points ∞

This lady wanted to return to her village to say hi to her childhood friend. These gentlemen took her there.

This lady wanted to return to her village to say hi to her childhood friend. These gentlemen took her there.

On-site at Geranium Restaurant

Until recently, I have always just heard of the Geranium restaurant in Copenhagen.

I knew it has 3 Michelin stars, the Instagram posts look marvelous and the view as well.

We were honored to be a part of a beautiful 2-day event of a Swiss wealth fund that took place at the Geranium.

Most of the cards were handwritten before in the atelier, but I was also present on-site for a few hours, should any last-minute changes appear, and to demonstrate the art.

Some of the guests liked to come watch the process of calligraphy, and some asked for extra cards to be written to take home. That was the best compliment!

The event was one of a kind. Thank you for having us.

anita calligrapher on site at geranium restaurant, vip event Copenhagen

Grandma's marketing

Sometimes, companies ask me: what marketing is the best for us?

I think, what grandma taught us.

Tradition, good manners. That is why people love handwritten thank you notes, nice cards, and proper invite with an envelope.

1) It builds relations and connects. It's like the friends that only call when they need you, or the ones that are genuinely interested in you. In the second case, you really want to help.

Customers will remember that you value them also at emotional level.

2) Step ahead of your rivals - that is also the power of marketing. But how can you stand out if your marketing is almost the same?

When was the last time you received a handwritten thank you card from a business? It happens, but not often. If a potential customer is deciding between you and the rivals with a similar quote… but you have sent them a card appreciating them previously, you already have “something extra”.

That does not guarantee business, but it does increase the chance.

3) Handwritten pieces impress - especially today, when there are other ways - text, email.

We know they require more effort, time, money = make us feel special and respected.

Be like granny.

That is my granny and me! And the Coke says “a kiss for the hard worker” :)

That is my granny and me! And the Coke says “a kiss for the hard worker” :)

Full Wedding Capacity

We can't thank you enough for your enthusiasm!

It's great to see that people enjoy handmade work, little details, and quality.

That means that by now, wedding season capacity is full, yay!

Our brides are international - Czech, Russian, Danish, American…

Each of them is so different!

Some found us, some had a wedding agency.

Some prefer gold ink and sparkles, some white-black combo.

Some like an intimate wedding, some plan a huge party.

And all of that is perfect - because each of you, my dear brides, is the Queen on that day.

wedding table name cards, name tags, seating cards, personalized, gold ink calligraphy

Calli in Cali

Here I am, at the airport, and many luggages I promised myself to leave at home.

But all those inks and dip pens and papers need to be comfy, too!

Going to teach Calligraphy classes in California, aka the Golden state, where they have In'n'Out burgers, Napa Valley, and great avocados… Yes, apart from art, food and wine is my passion, too.

So excited! Both classes will be focused on Copperplate Calligraphy and will take place in Cupertino, just next to San Francisco, on March 24, and May 4.

See you there, dear Calligraphy fans!

Calligraphy class in Cupertino

11 PM is still a work time

It's 11pm on a cold March night in Copenhagen.

Writing calligraphy is harder than one thinks. We spent a lovely day at Porcelænshaven in Frederiksberg creating happy moments for an upcoming wedding. Here is the product of the days work: 100 gorgeous wedding invitations #BryllupsInvitationer.

Each of them had a guest name written by hand, beautifully addressed envelope, and a wax seal stamp.

It's been sweet to see all the names and places that will be brought together by this event - just to name a few: Luxembourgh, Colombia, or Hong Kong!

Anita Wedding invitations calligraphy Copenhagen handwritten