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When the chef comes to shake your hand

London team of Farfetch, luxury fashion platform featuring Burberry, Chanel, Fendi and hundreds more, contacted me few weeks before they had an event in a newly open restaurant/bar, Apollo.

Apollo is located in the Nyhavn harbour, Copenhagen (love it! It's the one always on the postcards) and the restaurant is quite hip.

Therefore I decided to make a special design/font for this one.

I checked the type of cutlery, pottery, menu design and colours, guest list, and created a more modern one, with rougher edges, less curly than what I specialise in.

My part was handwriting over 40 place cards, vouchers, and envelope addressing.

The whole event looked perfectly. It was a great team effort of Farfetch team, Apollo team, Annika Kruse studio, covered by Getty images, and others.

There were candles, lilies of the valley in cute vases on the table, and oh-wow looking cocktails.

And when one of the chefs came to shake my hand to give me a compliment on my work, I was really touched.

Thank you and hope to see you all again.

Using fountain oblique pen and dark blue ink

Using fountain oblique pen and dark blue ink

Apollo Bar in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Apollo Bar in Nyhavn, Copenhagen